Loading incorrect gamemode until map change after server restart

I am having this annoying issue that if my GMod server crashes or I reboot it I always have to change the map before it will load into DarkRP gamemode. So until map change on server restart it will remain in sandbox. This has been happening for roughly 2 weeks now.

In my server.cfg I have

gamename "DarkRP"
sv_defaultgamemode "DarkRP"

Does anyone know how to make it load straight into DarkRP on restart?

if you have a command line for your server add -sv_defaultgamemode DarkRP -map <mapname>

That didn’t work it still starts in sandbox.

That was my fault it’s +sv_defaultgamemode “DarkRP” +map “<map>”

I was half-asleep :confused:

Thats what you get for running yet ANOTHER DarkRP server! >x(

It’s shit,but he can host it if he wants to.

What the post 2 above says,by the way. That helped me with the same problem.

This should do it.
But remove the gamename ‘DarkRP’
If your gamemodes folder is named DarkRP it will be shown as DarkRP :slight_smile:

Also if you havent already then put this in command line
-/+ exec server.cfg
Not sure if its + or -.

Thanks, it works perfectly now.