Loading page help.

So, I’m new to server hosting but I have a little experience with HTML and CSS, so I want to know how to set up my loading page, the one that shows up when you connect to the server and it’s loading… I want to show some information, like:

Your rank on Exsto (owner, admin…)
I want it to show something like:
Welcome back to your server, xGaa Rocha (if it’s me connecting to it).
and for others:
Welcome back to [servername], [username], your rank is: [respected / admin / minge…]
Welcome back to Tody’s Build Server, PWNER, your rank is MINGE

Playtime on Server
Something like
*Total Playtime: [hours:minutes]
*Last Connected: [dd/mm/yyyy at hh/mm]

** Server News **
An RSS based news or something.

I think it will need JAVASCRIPT, i don’t know. I already made the MOTD page, it’s already done, maybe I will do some improvements but i think it isn’t necessary…
The motd page is: http://todygames.engine001.com/motd.html

If more information is needed or if I can’t ask things like that here or if I can’t ask things like this anywhere, please tell me.
Currently I’m looking to make only 5 players slots, because my internet connection and computer are a bit slow, when I upgrade my internet (to something like 5MB DSL connection, I will put more slots).
Or maybe I pay to host a server, but that’s a really remote chance… Maybe if I can win money with it, then maybe I get a paid host…
Thanks for the suport!

The players identity is unknown for a long time in the loading screen. So you would need to identify a player by their IP address, if they have a dynamic IP, this could be a problem.

The server will make a log file, like, when a player first join it will say something like: Welcome to [servername].
When the player connects, an script will put his steamID and his username on a log file, then, next time he logs in, another script will check his steamID, and if it’s on the log, it will say the name and bla bla bla…

I think this is possible because i’ve alredy been on a server with this system… It was an RP server but it makes no diference :slight_smile:

Or you could so something similar to what we did:

  • Query game server for IP and SteamID of all connecting/connected players
  • Compare to IP loading the loading page
  • Find matching steamid
  • Query MySQL dbs etc with that steamid and output stuff

Works wonders for us :smiley:

I would like to know hou you made it, i’ve sent you a friend invitation trough steam, so maybe i get get some hints?

Sure, although with some basic php knowledge, you should be able to do what you need, simply with: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1050475-PHP-Query-Source-Server-Exploding

I’ve never worked with Exsto, but if it saves in MySQL tables, it’ll be as simple as querying the table with the steamid you got from the previous step, and outputting what you need.