Loading Screen and FastDL not working properly need help???

Hello, soo i have my website done, and im trying to make a overall download bar so that people dont leave during waiting for server, i have tryed copying and pasteing all that code and yes i have googled and researched on how to do it, but i cant seem to get it to work, ive tryed about 8 different peices of code from other peoples websites and off other fourums here and its a no go. . . please if you know what im doing wrong please help >.<

What i need to get working:

function GameDetails( servername, serverurl, mapname, maxplayers, steamid, gamemode ) {}
function SetFilesTotal( total ) {}
function SetStatusChanged( status ) {}
function SetFilesNeeded( needed ) {}
function DownloadingFile( fileName ) {}

also i followed this tutorial to get my FastDL to work via drop box, people load everything, but it doesnt seem to be getting saved and they get giant errors

loading screen code i used: http://lab.facepunch.com/thread/1324973/post/42862053/
Fast DL steps i used: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=899166


//this part gets the game info sent by the server when it requests the page
//Get the steamid (really the community id)
$communityid = $_GET["steamid"];
//Get the map name
$mapname = $_GET["mapname"];
//See if the second number in the steamid (the auth server) is 0 or 1. Odd is 1, even is 0
$authserver = bcsub($communityid, '76561197960265728') & 1;
//Get the third number of the steamid
$authid = (bcsub($communityid, '76561197960265728')-$authserver)/2;
//Concatenate the STEAM_ prefix and the first number, which is always 0, as well as colons with the other two numbers
$steamid = "STEAM_0:$authserver:$authid";

<div id="title">
    Welcome to Tangled Gaming!

//shows the map name under the title
<div id="top_box">
    Current map: <?php echo "$mapname"; ?><br>

//this is the plain text part, basically just labels for the server info
<div id="dl_box">
    <div id="dl_left">
        Connection status:<br>
        Currently downloading:<br>
        Files to download:<br>
        Files remaining:
//this is the part that shows the info from the server
    <div id="dl_right">
        <label id="status"></label><br>
        <label id="dfile"></label><br>
        <label id="files"></label><br>
        <label id="filesleft"></label>

//some player information
<div id="community_box">
    <div id="com_left">
        Your community ID:<br>
        Your SteamID:<br>
//this shows the users community ID and steam ID
    <div id="com_right">
        <?php echo "$communityid"; ?><br>
        <?php echo "$steamid"; ?><br>

//this part is java, it gets the info from the server

var status="", dfile="", files="", filesleft="";

function SetStatusChanged( status )
        var status=status;
function DownloadingFile( fileName )
        var dfile=fileName;
function SetFilesTotal( total )
        var files=total;
function SetFilesNeeded( needed )
        var filesleft=needed;



thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Use this tutorial: http://maurits.tv/data/garrysmod/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/index70e8.html

Just ignore the part where it talks about cache.

ive done that exact thing, thats basicly the same as the one i done “http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=899166” sigh i have no clue as to why it wont work :l


Using Dropbox as a fastdl won’t work correctly anyhow

Browsing to https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4q15fyfl6ufmxx2/0CHQhm74DO/maps results in a 404 because they change part of the URL (There might be a paid method to fix this, but I don’t use shitty cloud services)

Also, what is your loadingurl?

As Scratch said, Dropbox doesn’t work for hosting FastDL. It used to work but it doesn’t anymore.
You should instead get a shared hosting package somewhere (Usually around $5-$10 / month), or if you’re looking for maximum performance on your FastDL you should get a VPS from somewhere, install nginx and make your content live. Getting a shared hosting or VPS would be good for you as you’d get a website and a FastDL at the same time.

What’s the issue with your loadingurl? You never stated what does happen and what doesn’t? The Javascript functions you have there would only work if you view the page in Garry’s Mod and would not work when you’d view it on a normal browser as Garry’s Mod passes those variables to Javascript while the browser does not.

ok, so ill try somthing else to dropbox, thats one problym solved.

i am aware that the code wont load in the website only in gmod and im just using a test site that has a blank page and html embeded

the files that are being downloaded are not being printed as text to see
website :http://xbox360plzzz.wix.com/loading-page

I’m not even going to begin complaining

But seeing as you’re scraping the barrel
Pick a decent webhost… (at least compared to that anyway)

Also I believe you need steamid=%s at the end of the url.

so everyone can see it instead of just you