loading screen FTP

Today I got a loading screen so the link its FTP link cuze its php loading screen
So what I wanted to ask its how do I remove the login from this link ftp://freetzi.com/public/loadingshiiettt/index.php
to put it in the sv_loadingurl that will work

FTP is for file transfer, you need the HTTP link

You must put a valid http:// link to sv_loadingurl.

Well so how do I need to make the php link to be support in sv_loadingurl
Cuze I have to upload the screen to FTP I think someone told me
Or I need to upload it to a new web like dropbox
Just the dropbox isnt support php

I tried accessing it on a http (using a proper link from what you posted.

I get a file not found, this is probably because of the lack of a user space

Try to find your public access url

How I have no idea how to do it I just tried every thing
This is the website im using http://www.freewebhostingarea.com

What’s your Username and Sub-domain then?

I have hell no idea I will check it now
EDIT: I dont know but on what its should be?
And i got how to get in the link without login but on gmod ftp links not working :pwn: (" ftp://username:password@<ftp server address><current_directory><selected_file>")

FTP is not for this, it’s the File Transfer Protocol, for uploading and downloading files.

Okay, what’s your username, I can work from that

Accept me on Steam

Well then


FTP is meant to securely transfer files such that other cannot have access to it. You’re going to need web hosting. The easiest thing you can do is make an account on http://www.000webhost.com/ which offers free web hosting. Once you create an account get the FTP details of the hosting and log in on something like Filezilla. Then drag your loading screen into the web hosting and then edit the sv_loadingurl on your Garrys mod hosting to link directly to your loading screen.


Someone’s got free hosting now :dance:


(And then my webhost decided to take a nap)

Looks good! I like the Age of war music too

hh thanks for Gold Member helped me
EDIT gold member??? Scratch I mean :pwn:

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