Loading screen is... Disabled?

Alright, so straight to the point, my loading screen will not work!

Yes, the sv_loadingurl “link” is done correctly in autoexec.cfg file, and the link/website is being hosted. I have tested it on my custom server using steamcmd and it works there just fine.

I used to use a different link on my main server, which worked as it should, but one day it just stopped working… As to why, I have no idea, no link works anymore it would seem.

So guys, any ideas? :smiley:

Well what’s sv_loadingurl equal to?
We can’t help if you don’t provide anything for us to work with

Type “sv_loadingurl” in the server console and tell us what it outputs.

I’m guessing you’re not wrapping the URL in quotes, so it’ll parse it wrong.

Like I said, the link works, I didn’t think it would exactly matter, but here it is.

sv_loadingurl “http://nomloadingscreen.site50.net/nomloadingscreen(simple)/

(Please don’t mind the add that may appear if you go to the website.)

I know there isn’t much to work with, and believe me, it doesn’t help me either… Though, thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

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“sv_loadingurl” = “”

  • URL to show to clients while joining the server

Funny though, I was able to change the loading screen to the one I wanted via this method, however, it just reverted to having no loading screen again…

you’re putting it in autoexec? try server.cfg - shouldn’t make a difference but who knows

Alright, I just added the sv_loadingurl “link” into the server.cfg, and it worked! Funny that, I can’t exactly figure out why that made a difference, but anyway, problem solved! Thanks TylerB! :slight_smile: