Loading screen minigame.

Some times loading some huge ass map or sounds can get really boring.
A minigame like tetris or snake would fix that.

Play in windowed mode, launch browser, open game, play.

You COULD make something really fun like a tower defense or shoot the files going by or something, that would be extremely cool, though I agree that it would be simple to just windowed mode it and browser up a game.

The tower defense or shoot the files game is a good idea.

Yay! Glad to see someone agrees with me. It was just a random idea that seemed to fit. The files look like the incoming army for tower defense games. You could have a score thing in the corner. I guess it isn’t the most important thing right now, but it would be pretty cool.

That would make the load times even longer than they are, why not just have a little patience?

well. it’s a minigame so it’s a small game which means it doeesn’t take much time to load. at most five seconds.

Well it would be nice if everyone on earth was patient, kind, and perfect people, but we aren’t so we will have to accommodate for that. Not everybody is patient, and quite honestly, the loading times suck, even for host good computers with a good internet connection.

Possible. I might look into doing something like this.

Problem: when loading a map or connecting to a server, your CPU is pretty much 100% locked up. Try hitting cancel and it doesn’t work. How would a microgame work in this state?

But Loading locks up the machine as far as I know. :sigh:

I think you are misunderstanding the point. If I am correct, then what he means is a minigame that only appears while things download. If you notice, the computer is far from locked up while downloading files. I don’t think many people are as impatient to get bored for those ~20-30 seconds before going ingame.

I see. Something like “shoot the umbrellas” might be fun.

This is a good idea. I would love to play packman.

Just use your cellphone minigames thread solved

I usually just walk away, do something, then comeback. Kinda works for me plus it’s more productive :smiley:

I like the loading screen. Shame that the lua cache files were implemented, I get less goofy loading icons unless I join a shitty server with shitloads of custom models. But they speed up download time for people on dialup so who am I to complain?

I wouldn’t mind this, I hate waiting 3 minutes for something to load, maybe like snakes, space invaders or pacman etc…?

I like the idea of a form of space invaders. with two variations: classic and “shoot the files”