Loading Screen Music not playing

As the title says, I’ve gone to the actual loading screen website and the music plays fine. But when I join my server in gmod, the music doesn’t play at all. Any ideas as to why?

P.S. I muted the Awesomium Core a while ago to mute CS:GO Server ads and I had to system restore my computer afterwards before i unmuted it. If this is part of the problem, is there any way to fix it?

Go to your sound mixer and turn up Awesomium.

I’ve attempted, but it never shows up for me to modify it.

It should show up once you are in the loading screen.


It doesn’t

Are you sure the music is actually working? Can you get someone else to test it?


This is the link for the loading screen. You can confirm the sound for yourself.

I’m talking about if it works when the user actually joins.

Yes, another player confirms there’s music.


Do you use your speakers to play? cause normally steam and chrome would be in the mixer even though nothing is playing make sure you have the correct playback device enabled. (Right click the speaker -> playback devices) and make sure you have the correct speakers set as the default playback device

yep, correct playback device. Basically what I think I’m trying to get at is to change the level of volume the Awesomium Core plays without it playing.

bump again?

Chill out, its hasnt even been a day… Loading screen music is an absolutely horrid concept that annoys the hell out of people (not everyone cares about your dubstep playlist) and you are better off not having it.

I dont do web stuff so I dont know why that doesnt work for you