Loading Screen not going away?

So uh last night when i was playing Gmod the loading screen refused to go away, i checked the cache integrity and re-installed Gmod but it still won’t go away.
(To specify: I can hear my own footsteps, gunfire etc. but the loading screen freezes and won’t go away.)

Anyone know a fix for this?

It turns out that this is only the case when i try to load a specific map, gm_black, all other maps work fine.

This also had me thinking, gm_black was the only map i had installed where i made a few items persistent so i wouldn’t have to spawn them again, could this be the reason that gm_black haven’t been working after i pretty much reset most of Garry’s Mod files?
(Like, is there some kind of cache file i need to get rid of or do i need to ask someone to recompile the map for it to work?)