Loading Screen Not Working..

I have a picture that I want people to see while they are downloading the files from my server. I shearched around and found out i must add this to my server.cfg

I put that in then put my image

I did that and it wont work. Am i doing something wrong? Please someone help ASAP.

It has to be a html file I think. So something like sag.html or sag.htm Should work.

The URL links to an error 404 page (of your free hosting), along with that you only need

sv_loadingurl "the url"

If it’s on a new line I doubt it’ll work.

Ok, then what would the html code to put the image in the hmtl?

Is it also possible also to add** music **while the image is shown?

I deleted it since it was a .jpg image.

Ok I got it to work now.

If anyone was searching around and needs the solution here it is.

I had the image to a .jpg so the loading screen would not work. I added this into a .txt

After that save it as a .hmtl and upload it to a web host.

Now go into your server.cfg and add this into it

Thanks for your guys help and I hope this helped others.

Make sure not to put

in the url.

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by the way, loadingurl has to be set in autoexec.cfg or the command line, you can’t set it in server.cfg

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