Loading Screen "Web Space"

** I, my good sir, am hosting a stupendous website that is rarely ever used, and I need you fine gentlemen to fill it! You can contribute to this cause of fattening up my website by applying for webspace of the finest quality, and use it to host your server loading screens! Along with this webspace you shall receive a lua script of the lowest quality that automagically reloads your server map apon start and or restart, as thanks to garry’s ingenious design, must be done in order for the loading screens to function!

If you fine gentlemen have so much talent in the other arts that you can not even dare to code in the form of HTML, grant the job to me, for I shall provide quality work at the cheapest of prices (A total of $0.00 (€0)!). By now your probably intrigued to see how good my web design skills are, which I shall provide in due time.

If you would like to apply for one of these ingenious folders of glory, simply PM me with the following information and diligently stare at your screen for the reply!
[li]Desired folder name
[/li][li]Download link to the desired contents of said folder OR
[/li][li]Provide me with a description of a loading screen you would like, and I should have it done within months!

If you have just applied for one of these fine folders, I grant you my greatest thanks! Otherwise I shall ask you to kindly create a horrible reply that only a peasant of the lowest class could receive.


I love this thread simply for the language used. I personally have no need for this, but I’ll ensure it is bumped for good measure.

We gentlemen handle each other in the utmost of sincerities.

Truly, this is simply reflective of the finest in stupendous folder storage! This must be kept bumped for no reason other than to maintain its integrity!

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Putting the sv_loadingurl in the srcds startup sequence, before the “+map” parameter, is a workaround to the map restart.
You can also bung it in autoexec.cfg which stops the need for a map restart, to see the loadingurl.