Loading screen.

May you kindly tell me how to get the steam profile picture in a loading screen ( I assume it can only be made in PHP :X) ?

lol, you just player ForeverDowntown server?
sv_loadingurl can contain %s (steamid64 aka communityid) and %m (map)
sv_loadingurl “example.com/gmod/some.php?steamid=%s&mapname=%m
(don’t forget to escape “%” in your bat file with another %)

// by sanya (d0t) zol at gmail d0t c0m
$name=''; // default name
$ava='noavatar.jpg'; // default image
if(isset($_GET['steamid']) && preg_match('#\A76561[0-9]{12}\z#',$_GET['steamid'])) {
	if($data) {
		if(preg_match('#<avatarFull><!\[CDATA\[(.+?)\]\]></avatarFull>#i',$data,$ava)) {$ava=$ava[1];} else {}
		if(preg_match('#<steamID><!\[CDATA\[(.+?)\]\]></steamID>#i',$data,$name)) {$name=$name[1];} else {}

<img src="<?php echo $ava; ?>">
Hello, <?php echo $name; ?>

example (with mysql cache) http://gmod.aa.am/loading/?steamid=76561198009929939 - no abuse/hotlink please

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p.s. should i release my full darkrp loading screen?

Ah dunno if you should ._.