Loading screen

I am trying to change up my loading screen for the people is waiting to load in. Like where is the file to do that and where can i change it up. I have been reading its in html. I hope that is correct.

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host a html file somewhere, add html code to it to do stuff and change the sv_loadingurl to the image link

sv_loadingurl = “http://penis.com/image.html

If you’re not familiar with HTML coding or how to go about web hosting (Generally you need to pay for this), you can use any flash editor such as wix or moonfruit to create a simply website, just slap on any text and images you want and save it, you’ll have an URL for your new website and put in your server.cfg

sv_loadingurl = “http://moonfruit.yoursitehere.com

Here’s an example I made on moonfruit:


Hope this helps.


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So sv_loadingurl = “text” its in the server.cfg or do i need to add it in?