Loading Screen

Im currently in the process of making a loading screen, it currently looks like this - http://prntscr.com/ca695l
However when I test it in game it looks like this http://prnt.sc/ca3o91

I am using bootstrap for the framework and grid system along with a few other things. When I specifically put <style> .col-sm-4 { width: 33%; display: inline-block} it kind of worked and looked like this - http://prntscr.com/ca3ol5 normally bootstrap uses float: left; for their grid system but gmod doesnt like it. I was able to do a lot of hacking and got it to turn out ok but there is one error that I cant figure out. When either cycler on the left or right has more than one line it pushes the other panels down as you can see here in this gif https://gyazo.com/9ce872d3294858c1e2439dcc52f1dfdf

I could probably fix this but due to the nature of it only occurring in gmod there is no inspect element or something similar that I could do to live test this.

I’m not sure why gmod wont display the webpage as is, as well soundcloud support works on the website, but in gmod it won’t.

Because gmod uses awesomium which is outdated af and probably doesn’t have those styles.

man it’s not like its very new style he’s using wtf… does awesomium use html 4 and css 2 or smth? holy fuck its bad

(read the loading screen source code)