loading without addons?

Is there a way to run gmod without addons even they are inside the addons folder? It’s so as to make the game load faster when testing maps. Sorry if it’s already been answered, couldn’t use the search and google didn’t bring any related results.

rename addons folder?

Yes, of course, I could made a .bat or something to rename it whenever I want it to, but isn’t there a command or something? Would be nicer.

At the moment, no.

However, you could make the .bat file to rename your addons folder and simply place a shortcut to it on your desktop or quicklaunch bar.

Ok, I’ll give that a try then. Thank you both!

You’ll need to manually reset it each time though otherwise you’ll end up with tons of garrysmod folders

Nope! I made this:

Then I noticed gmod extracts the original addons folder and that isn’t working if you run the game after renaming the directory to “addonso”. Some possible fix might be to allow overwritting or make it swap the folders somehow.