Loadingscreen tips

SoooOoo many questions… and always the same…

How to get stone?
How to get cloth?
I lost my key, my house is gone?
How do I meet my friends?
Everybody is lame because they all sniper me!!
Hackers broke into my wall cuz my wall’s gone!

Most of these questions could have been prevented by some small lines of tutorial during the loading screen, even better, with some small pictures.
tip: You gather stone from hitting these ->O things with a rock or with something better
tip: You gather cloth by killing animals or gathering ^^weed.
tip: If you put a lock on your door, then don’t forget to make a spare key or two, as to not lose your house on death.
tip: Meet your friends by making them a sleepingbag [menu add friend]
tip: Some areas attract well equiped players and clans and are less suitable for new players. Stay away from roads, powerlines and monuments untill you are familiar with the game.
tip: Walls have an inside and outside and are more susceptible to damage when placed the wrong side

posted this a week ago

and still a good idea:)

Tip: don’t run at the guy with a gun…

Tip: don’t run by the tower with a gun with a gun.

Tip: don’t bitch when you get fucking killed.

Tip: Garry loves you!

Tip: Play nice…

Tip: Killing a Bear with a rock gives you a sniper. Try it!

Tip: When you find yourself drowning, it’s wise to take a deep breath and calm down first…

Tip: There ain’t neva enuff dakka!

Tip: Always approach strangers with reckless abandon.

Tip: Shhh, just the tip.

Tip: We don’t really read your suggestions…

Tip: No, it’s not OP, you just hate dying.

Tip: They were friendly, honest.

Tip: Never trust a naked.

Tip: Never trust a guy with clothing.

Tip: Never trust the wildlife.

Tip: Get rekt skrub.

Tip: Dont talk like scriptkiddies and other gaming rednecks

I’m not so sure. I don’t know if they plan on adding a tutorial of sorts to Rust, but for me at least part of the fun was the fact that you are dropped in the middle of it need to learn all of this stuff by yourself or asking other people.

A tutorial seems a bit much, both in features and in workload, adding a few loading screen info crums of some of the most basic tasks and mechanics seems more proportional to me.

It really is a great idea and maybe devs will consider. I usually light a smoke and pour a whiskey and gather my thoughts.

Maybe this forum can vote on a set of ideas .