loadingurl broke downloadurl

My Downloadurl was working today until I uploaded a loadingurl. My FDL is a free website with nfoserver’s when you purchase a sever, and me loadingurl is with 000webhost.com. There’s people joining the server now, and all they see is errors, they were working today, and i didnt touch/change any of the files that are related to it.

Post your server.cfg.

sv_downloadurl “http://riseuprevolution.site.nfoservers.com/server
mp_timelimit 99999
sv_loadingurl “http://invoidgaming.netne.net/Crystal/?steamid=%s

plus I also add a new hud but I dont think that it would affect it

They shouldn’t conflict. Does it work without sv_loadingurl there?

ill check

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this guy still says that there’s still errors

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This new guy in the server says he still sees errors??? but im thinking that something might be wrong with his files

Well Sir ask other people if they see errors, and if i may ask do you see errors?

no, and the only people that saw errors where the new guys that join the sever.

So you really dont have any thing rong its probably that guy didnt have the right files downloaded, reply to this thread if you still have problems and people will try to help

You’re not helping.

Try putting the loading URL on the same website as your FastDL (the free NFO one).