Loadout Change?

I found a thread that tells you how to edit your starting weapons in gmod’s default gamemode (sandbox), but in that thread they say the code for starting weapons is in an init.lua file in gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode.

It’s not. There IS no init.lua file in sandbox’s gamemode folder.

Anyone know (I’m sure it’s simple) how to change around my default loadout in sandbox?

To give myself the Stunstick, SMG Grenades and the Combine Sniper in particular.

You need GCF scape, first. Open your garrysmod content.gcf with GCF scape in your steamapps folder, and then copy the sandbox gamemode in the GCF folder to your garrysmod gamemode folder.

Then go to sandbox/gamemode/int.lua and do waht you need to do


If you need any more help regarding this topic, PM me

Weird… it’s like finding secret hidden mysterious files…

Anyways, thank you!

Um… it doesn’t seem to work actually.

I extracted the files and replaced them, but none of the changes I made are being implemented. Is there something else I need to do?

You need to rename the gamemode folder that you extract because the server will load the gamemode in the gcf.