Loads of Source mod/gamemode ideas, and I mean loads!

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Ok, so I had a brainstorm and came up with a few ideas.
I’m a bit tired and won’t write 'em all, but here are the ones I’m most satisfied with:

[release]Bomb squad

Bomb squad is a mod that requires 2-16 players. The players are divided into two teams.
One team (the terrorists) plant and arm a bomb somewhere on the map.
The bomb squad is equip with a Geiger counter, ridiculously thick armor and a PDG (Personal Defense Gun)
Terrorists have anything from AK’s to RPG-7’s.

Once the terrorists have planted the bomb the bomb squad uses their Geiger counters to locate it and disarm it.
The terrorists will have to do anything in their power to prevent it.
Matches last 10-15 minutes and ends once the everyone on the terrorist team is eliminated before they have hidden the bomb, the bomb gets disarmed or the entire bomb squad team is eliminated… or the bomb goes off.

The bomb squad can take 5 x normal damage but they are slower and can only carry one pistol.

Other gamemodes include single-player (versus and with bots), co-op (versus and with bots + players), V.I.P (three teams, S.W.A.T. who clears the way to the bomb, unarmed bomb squad and terrorists) and normal deathmatch where both teams can choose to play as a bomb squad guerrilla or a terrorist/S.W.A.T member.[/release]

[release]Worms: Source

Worms: Source is a source modification of Worms: Armageddon with more weapons, levels and innovation.
It’s based on a map built out of “puzzle peaces” – Brushes that fit into each other so it looks like the map deforms once they blow up. They are all func_breakables.
The mod allows 4v4, 3v3, 2v2 and 1v1 matches with the standard side-view camera.

This allows for some totally crazy online matches with some totally kickass weapons. The person in control of the worm in focus has 30 seconds to get in position and fire his weapons. Players get kicked fro being AFK.

The gamemodes in this mod is Campaign, Co-op, Skirmish and Puzzle – all online.[/release]


Gravity is all about your gravity gun. It’s modified to be 10 times stronger. Use it to solve confusing puzzles, pull down object to create new paths and hitting bulls eyes.
It’s kind of like a physgun mixed with a gravity gun.

Each challenge should be unique – not frustrating and have a fair amount of hints so players don’t get stuck.
This is a single player only mod but it comes with a 4v4 propmatch where you fight each other with props scattered around the map.

There will be a backdrop story but with hints lined around the map you’ll get an idea what’s happened. Of course it’s mostly up to your imaginations. Sort of like… portal.

Pointing it to the ground and shooting flings you upward.
Grabbing onto a wall pulls you towards it.

[release]Vehicles vs. mutants

Nope, it’s not a tower defense game. It sounds like plants vs. zombies… or maybe zombie driver but it’s neither.
This is a online only game - although it can be played with bots. The objective for the drivers is to hit the animal mutants or shoot them with guns out the windshield before they destroy you. Vice versa for the mutants. They have the ability to pick up objects and throw them at the vehicles, or like the tank from Left 4 Dead, rip up hard concrete.
It’s simple really.
It’s supposed to be very balanced.
Other gamemodes that should come with this mod is a regular race (vehicles vs. vehicles), survival (obvious), objective (come to a point on the map without weapons while the mutants try to destroy you) and capture and hold the objective. Mutants vs. vehicles again.[/release]

[release]Tarzan: Source

Here’s an interesting mod:
Tarzan: Source. You play as a character who swings from tree to tree. You automatically stick to lians and ropes, and press space to let go of them. You are hunted by human villains and various people.
Melee attack only. A few animals under your command make it interesting.
Online only. Tarzan is like the hidden, only with a few other advantages/disadvantages.
Other gamemodes on the mod includes deathmatch (Tarzan v. Tarzan or villains v. villains), king of the hill and capture the flag.[/release]

[release]Factory build

Imagine a mod where you and a few other friends fight off waves and waves of NPCs. NPCs being combines. You can loot their corpses for money, medicine, heath kits or ammo. It can be played alone but it’s most fun in co-op where 4 players work together.
Each one of them have a deadly sickness though. They are fending off the enemies in a bioweapon factory and have all been infected.
Every 5-10 minutes they need medicine to stay alive.
Medicine, ammo, weapons, healthkits and building materials can be purchased off vending machines in each corner of the factory. To afford medicine and the other stuff the player must kill and loot enemies.

Why I think it’s best that way is because then the players won’t just camp in one place. You are able to barricade the enemies out for a limited time. They will eventually break through your blockades. You can use your gravity gun to build just like in sourceforts, but can’t just camp in one place.

Either you win or you loose.

Now here’s where a 5th player comes in. One player will be controlling all the NPCs from an over-the view view the map. Just like in an RTS. The factory will be 5 stories tall and feature various obstacles and blown-up walls.

The person in the RTS view only has a limited number of NPCs at his disposal. Ca. 500.
Once they run out the 4-player team has won, and opposite.

The RTS view character can only have a limited amount of NPCs sent out, but that number will increase once the wave number increases.
This makes it more balanced.

If the RTS player is AFK for 40 seconds or more he will be kicked and a bot will take over. If another person joins the server he will take the RTS player’s place.[/release]

[release]41st RAF squadron

You play as the 41st Royal AirForce squadron. The squad consists of 4 jet pilots in the Gulf war.
The maps are large and mostly over low-poly deserts/desert cities. You probably won’t notice it’s low poly since you’ll be flying fast and high up.
Flying out of the map you’ll be “shot down by enemy AA”, but you’ll be warned first.
The gamemodes included are Campaign with a sort of narrative through radio chatter. The story is just presented in the “extras” box in the main menu.
Campaign takes you through 4-5 maps, each one looking a biiiiiit different where you carry out orders or just simply shoot down enemies.
There’s also online deathmatch where 4v4, 3v3, 2v2 or 1v1 are pitched against each other, as well as 8 player free for all.
Then there’s capture the objective that you’ll get by flying through hoops or staying over landmarks for as long as possible.
Co-op should also be included.

Oh, and co-op versus.[/release]

[release]Marshmallow maniac

You play as a dude who loves marshmallows. You have to collect the floating marshmallows in a colorful crazy world. Everything from jumping from a fantasy miniature train to another to leaping giant gorges to get as many marshmallows as possible and getting to the end before the time runs out.
There’s also versus where 4 players try to collect as many marshmallows as possible in a set timeframe.
The world has to look weird. A mix of TF2 style and an M&M color usage should do the job.[/release]

[release]Kimi Yototsh

This source mod puts you in the feet of an Indiana Jones-like character.
An archeologist looking for a Mayan treasure. The heart of Kukulcan – a Mayan god. Ancient scripts say that it’s a giant heart of gold covered in diamonds and sapphires.

It’s located in a still un-found temple high up in the Himalayas.
Of course there are a lot of puzzles on the way up. It can be played co-op with 1 other person.

Puzzles require a lot of thinking. If you haven’t found out anything within two minutes your character will say something like “That rock looks unsteady. Maybe I could shoot it” or similar.

Normal gamemodes like deathmatch and CTF should come with it.
So, Campaign, Co-op, CTF and Deathmatch.

Campaign could also have a new take on narrative. Something innovative. It’s one of the only mods I’ve thought of that has a story mode.

Puzzles should also take full use of the source engine with loads of physics involved.

The campaign progresses as you reach higher up the Andes mountains.[/release]


Degeneration would be a Zombie survival mode - your typical generic - however with twists.

The gamemode would be on an open, outside map.
The Zombies come in waves (1 - 20) and each wave there are more zombies, they can take more damage and they run faster.
Killing a Zombie gives you money, as it would in Call of Duty: World at War.
For the money you can buy new weapons, ammo, a couple of upgrades, and buy barricades plus automated turrets.
The Zombies can slowly tear down the barricades.
You start out with a pistol with a flashlight and a crowbar.

Since the map is dark you’ll need light. There’s plenty of light, but in the middle of the map there’s a generator – if you loose it you loose ammo for re-chargeable sci-fi weapons, automated turrets and light. You’ll have to rely on your short-range weapons with flashlight built into them to survive.
Since the middle of the map and the outside portion of the map is compromised you can move into a cellar close by, where you can survive on the little resources you have left as long as possible.

The game is won when wave 20 is eliminated.

You can upgrade your generator so the turrets move faster and the light gets brighter, adding visibility and blinding the enemies – making them move slower. You can also purchase armor for your generator if needed.

Upgrades, weapons and other purchases are available inside the cellar which you can go freely to when you want to, and barricade so you can’t get out closer to the end.
Weapons are outlines on a big wall (similar to the world at war one) with ammo e.t.c. – barricades are also outlines on the ground around the map where, when purchased a blockade with wood and misc. objects appear. They can be torn down by the enemy after a while.

The best weapons are the sci-fi ones. However they can only be used if charged by the generator once in a while.

The mode is meant for 4 or less players.

When a person dies he can be rescued again after 2 minutes by spawning in a room in the cellar.
If all 4 players die they have lost the game.

You defend the generator from Zombies coming from all sides, you buy weapons, upgrades and barricades, and when wave 20 is killed you win.

Warning: total image spam below:
Added some more stuff - warning - image spam:
(Map should be about 4-5 times the size I made just now) - note that I forgot to add floodlight/turrets on most of the images.

Top view:

Zombies come up from the infections water.

Survivors exit in the cellar:

The generator can be upgraded - turrets move faster, floodlight are stronger, it can take more damage:

Weapons can be purchased in the cellar. Walk to the silhouette and press ‘E’

Buying automated turrets may help you:


Silhouette changes:

What it says in the corner:



You can charge sci-fi weapons through the generator (lol, easter egg)


I might post some of the other ideas later on, and I might not. Depends on my mood.

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Most of these have been done already, and the ones that haven’t are just boring and not interesting at all.
Degeneration sounds like a rip-off World at War zombie mode.
Your thread is also extremely hard to read due to your layout

Anyone else think that, or is it just Morphus being in a bad mood with dyslexia?

Some people just hate reading stuff. Like me.

Would help if you had either bulleted them, put them in a neat synopsis form, or done something to make everything look nicer. Also, I think some of these have been done/are being made.

Is that better?
Also, what ones are being made?

A little. Either write each of them out in synopsis style or bullet the game info in a list, but that’s just my opinion.

Looks good, Nice of you to Post these too.

Again: Some of these have been done. And the first (and only one I bothered to read after seeing the size of the first post) is just CSS with a weird mod to make it easy.

Shut up!

1st. When they have been done, than they should be quite popular cause they are good Ideas, and thus there should be somewhere a server with them(But there is none that I know having a marshmallow fight). Also, Instead of saying that they had been done and adding a REALLY bad comment without any justification tell how you could improve it! And yes it has the core concept of CS:S but with more teamwork. Especially the moment where you have to choose if you are armed or not(Others have to protect you in order to actually win the round/game). And then again, just make better Ideas. I understand why there were so good gamemodes in Gmod9, it was because there were no people like you, people made it because it was fun to make/play. And that is why probably I will make the marshmallow one, it sounds perfect for a Fretta game.(Not for the contest though!)
2nd. How can you state that some of them have been already made when you only read the first?


Thank you. :smile:
Using paragraphs will make the wall of text more readable by the way.

Factory build, Degeneration and Bomb squad may resemble other gamemodes, but I can’t link any of the other gamemodes to any other games/modes/mods.

Sounds like someone needs gamemaker…
Anyway, why do most of these sound like stale ideas?


Sounds like someone needs gamemaker…
Anyway, why do most of these sound like stale ideas?

I like the ideas you had.
Maybe someone might use them not for a full mod but little ideas for theirs.

Your shitty attitude wont get you anywhere either.