Lobby: Design your own trail!

Hello all, some of you might be familiar with Lobby, one of my gamemodes i am making. At the moment, i am making Trails and i need your ideas and sujestions to help ! Here is the aim of the game: Make your trail material, use my lua to turn it into a valid trail for the gamemode, and if it is added, you will receive 250 emeralds!

Here is a sample :

trails[“6”] = { }// *
trails[“6”].Name = “Physbeam” // **
trails[“6”].Mat = “trails/physbeam.vmt”// ***
trails[“6”].Color = Color(0,255,0)// ****

  • : The key of the table ( in my case, “6” ) is your index, this is to help the slave database give out the trails in a lag free way. 1 - 1000 are reserved, and for the cool poeple, so is 1337

** : This is the name of your trail, nothing fancy, its just to know if its being made twice

*** : This is the material of the trail. It is relevant to the materials directory

**** : this is the color of your trail. If you want your trail in its natural state, just put it Color(255,255,255)

I hope you people have fun, but please do provide the required credits of the poeple( if not you ) who made the trail materials

PS: everything in the trails directory have already been made

Wait, wasn’t that the gamemode that you were stealing other peoples code from?

Besides, I think there is enough lobby gamemodes, and there isn’t even much of them.

… i dont steal peoples code

Instead of asking people to give you materials and stuff why don’t you design a way for people to make their own trails ingame?

:open_mouth: that’s the greatest idea I have ever heard of!