Local MP pops in for tea and a chat with his constituents.

Been a bit indecisive of how to go about editing recently, so thought I’d try a pic without any editing at all. Apart from the text. And the border. And the stitching. But apart from that it’s all in game.


Haven’t done ingame editing in… forever, so a wee bit rusty. And yes, I know there are some clipping issues with the corpses and chairs.

Comments appreciated.

Hung, drawn & quartered Parliament

head looks small

but then again i cant say much

I laughed at the title.

Great work.

Hehe, cool idea.

Well… on the bright side “dead chicks don’t say no”.


I bet this guy is as hung as parliament.


Cheers folks. Yeah, wasn’t sure about the size of the head, but decided in the end to just leave it at the normal size.

Is that cup floating


Because it looks like it’s floating.

That’s what they get for voting BNP

It isn’t

He holding the cup that why. <.>