Local or Remote Development

I’ve always developed on my Linux dedicated server. I use Filezilla to edit the files, and push them to the server before restarting it with Putty and then testing.

I’m considering moving my projects locally and running local servers, to avoid having to push before testing and to have easier integration with GitHub. Then any public servers can continue to run on the remote server.

How does everyone else do this? Locally or Remotely? For some reason I don’t want to move development locally, but that may be me trying to justify the cost of a dedicated server!

I don’t know what it is about using a remote desktop connection, it’s just infinitely nicer than using singleplayer/local hosting

I usually develop in single player or in local multiplayer ( Listen Server ). After that I test everything in multiplayer, sometimes with other people and release the stuff.

I can’t even comprehend why would you ever go through such tedious process to develop.
I mean testing on a public dedicated server is never a bad idea, it’s actually a very good idea, but using remote srcds for 100% of development time is just insane.

We do it like this (we develop with 2 - 3 persons):

Everyones git copy is local.
Everyone has their one srcds server on the linux root server.

When someone develops a feature, he edits the files locally with a editor like sublime, the editor uploads it automatically via ftp, and he can test it instantly on his copy of the remote srcds server.
When he finished developing and testing a feature (or a part of it), he commits and pushes, everyone else can then pull. And because of git merge feature every server is so synchronized this way.

This is the fastest way of developing, you also have faster loading times because you dont need to open up a singleplayer server all the time. Also if one of the developer needs help testing, he can just give the sv_password of the server to someone.

Or just edit the file locally and take advantage of Lua autorefresh which is even faster than waiting for the file to upload and update on the server?

Lua Autorefresh works even when uploading remotely. It auto refreshes when the file finishes uploading.

Robotboy - the extra step involved is the pressing of ‘Yes’ on Filezilla when you save and it asks you if you want to push the changes. However after listening to people here, I’m going to move locally. I think time will be saved mainly in getting started each day, where instead of having to load up Putty, cd to directory, load up FileZilla etc. I can just have it all in one place.

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The other reason is I’m looking at using https://atom.io/ with it’s file structure tree on the left, which of course wouldn’t work remotely.

At the moment I use Sublime. Has anyone used Atom and how does it compare?

I am pretty sure Sublime is better than Atom in every way, and it must have the Project Tree stuff.

I used atom 3/4 year ago, and i had the experience that it was just really slow.

On sublime you can use the package SFTP if you want to upload remotly and sublimeGIT for git integration.

You can always have an SRCDS instance on your computer. I develop this way: a dedicated server is running in the background on the local computer and I connect with my client as would anyone else.

If a multi-person setup is needed for testing I just enable srcds across the firewall and make it sv_lan 0, and boom.