Local server on Linux based OS

Recently just setup my machine to dual boot win10 and ubuntu mate. I enjoy developing in gmod and a local server is essential, is setting up a local server on a linux based OS similar to windows? If not, anyone have any links to any guides? I’ve been looking around but it’s all just bringing up dedi related stuff.


Im like 95% sure that it is the same just case sensitive (Linux can NOT have caps in folders)

Do you just mean running gmod? What in the world is a local server?

srcds running on localhost

And yes it’s exactly the same as Windows but case sensitive as mentioned

Gmod wiki hosting dedicated server https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Hosting_A_Dedicated_Server
Linux specific info http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Linux_Dedicated_Server_Hosting

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Only thing I’m not sure about is ports/firewall under Linux, hosting a local server on Windows I just forward ports on the router

Port forwarding is all done in a web browser anyway… shouldn’t have anything to do with the OS right?

Normally you have to explicitly activate or even install firewalls in popular linux distributions, this is not a problem like on s***** windows. But if only he wants to connect locally, then firewall and port forwarding doesn’t matter anyway.

Today most of gamemodes and addons care about linux being case sensitive, so they write all filenames in lower case, this shouldn’t be a problem too.

It depends on network structure.