local X,Y,Z, Drag Tool (simple aerodynamics tool).

i have a idea for a very simply yet very effective way to simulate aerodynamics (and hydrodynamics).
this can be achieved by applying drag on the local XYZ axis of a object.
another function would be a multiplier of the drag when under water.
such a tool can be used for all kind of things like cars, boats, planes, missiles, projectiles and a lot more.
unfortunately i have no coding skill, so i can’t do it myself (something that frustrates me very much).

the options for the tool would consist out of sliders to set the drag multiplier of the individual axis.
a on/off option and a slider for the under water multiplier.
so basically the the counter acting force for a axis would be, axis velocity * axis drag multipliers
(* under water multiplier, if under water).

so no one is interested in more realistic physics?..
or is everybody more interested in random randomness?