Localized Rebels


For some reason the quality went down a bit when I put them down to 2048 x 2048 (compared to 4096 x 4096). Hopefully in the future I can figure out how to fix that a bit, but yeah second release for me, hopefully people like them.

Looks like a pretty good hexing/reskin.

Once I can figure the reason for quality going down they’ll look a lot better. Also I didn’t hex these, maybe when I get the quality to a nicer level someone should do that.

Wait why were you trying to make them 4096x4096?

My question exactly.

Compression goes pretty much like this when saving .vtf files (file sizes reflect a standard 1024x1024 texture):
DXT1: (683kb)High compression/low size. 90% of the time, this works just fine for basic textures.
DXT5: (1,240kb)High compression/greyscale alpha/medium size. DXT1 with alpha maps. Between the two, you’d be set if you’re working with high contrast/well made textures.
RGB888: (3mb)Uncompressed/large. Basically an uncompressed texture. No artifacts/discoloration.
RGBA8888: (4mb)Uncompressed/very large. Same as above only with an alpha map.

You don’t need any other formats ever. When it comes to size of your texture, there’s almost no need for source textures to be bigger then 1024x1024, except in special circumstances (i.e. small readable text). Remember, size adds up, esp. with textures. Use the right compression, and you can get ten times the content for the same file size.

They were originally 4096x4096, I tried to bring the size down and the quality died. I dunno why.

What type of compression did you use? And which filter did you use for the mipmaps?

On the last try I used DXT5, and Box.

Since I’m pretty sure you don’t need alpha, you can use DXT1 without problems. Box filter should work right, but you can experiment with others.