Locations on the current map.

Hey guys, trying to add identifiable locations to the current player-released maps of the game. Adding some stuff to the wiki.

Im using this map here from the wiki: http://playrustwiki.com/images/2/2b/Brandy92_map.jpg

Q10 - This Radtown is a complex with one and two story buildings, with a road that runs right through it. Stone walls border it’s perimeter. Metal roofing, IIRC.

Can you guys help out and identify landmarks/unique attributes for the other Radtowns/complexes? I.E. Smoke stacks etc., or any other unmistakable identifiers for these, and in general in other grid locations:

M7 - Pretty obviously a hangar.

Thanks in advance.

L9 is a walled complex with a two story building and 2 smaller buildings at the front.

K14 is an unwalled area don’t know what building it has.

P7 is just 2 large tanks (either fuel or propane tanks)

Q10 there is a barn close by I think (it’s either close by or inside the rad zone, i’m fairly sure it’s just up the road a little bit)

nice map thank you for the post