Locatoin message.

How can i set it up so when your on the map e.g Evocity In the the top corner it shows the name of the street or place you are in?

You could hard-code positions ( in the form of rectangle cubes ) and check to see where the player is then draw. You could create an entire zone-system which does that but in a nicer package so you can set up zones using an in-game tool.

Here’s an example of drawing cubes: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/render_lasers_rendering_cubes.lua.html - helpful for visualizing the zones. Use AABB to check to see if a player is inside the zone.

I’d also recommend only checking the zone once every few seconds at most; depending on how many zones there are, you may have issues checking them in real-time. You could improve the algorithm by checking the Distance to each zone and disregarding if the distance is too great ( if you only use distance then the zones will be spheres ).

Thanks a ton :stuck_out_tongue: