Lock and Pick


Ok so I thought I would post an idea for a new system to replace the current key system because it really is no good. I like realism in games more than most people but sometimes realism can take the enjoyment from a game, which is not a good thing. I can see why a key system is in place to bring about new challenges, confrontations, value to raiding etc… But I propose a new system that could still provide a new way to make people ‘spend’ time, resources and energy on locks.

So how about a lock and pick system? Let’s say that you can craft 5 different levels of locks, from basic > advanced. Each higher level of lock takes more resources than the previous so it is very expensive to say fit your entire house with level 5 advanced locks.

You could then have either A) automatic opening of any lock which you have placed and you can enter a command to ‘add’ people to a list allowing them to also access your locks OR B) you enter a 4 digit code to use on the door which can be shared with other individuals.

Now comes the fun part… each player can also craft ‘lockpicks’. I propose that each pick cost’s a certain amount of metal frags (a resource that requires time and effort to gain). Once you have created some lockpicks and have these in your inventory you will be able to pick other players doors. When you attempt to open another players door you are given two options ‘enter code’ or ‘pick’. If you select pick you will shown another screen a lot like the lock picking system in Skyrim. This adds a new ‘mini-game’ to rust which requires a skill to ‘pick’ the lock. The amount of player skill required to pick a lock will increase depending on the level of lock you are attempting to pick. I propose that an unsuccessful pick attempt also breaks the lock pick, thus costing you more and more resources the harder the lock is to pick as you need a greater number of lockpicks to finally crack the door. I would also suggest that breaking of the picks can randomly happen whilst picking just to ensure difficulty is maintained.

With the above system you then have 2 ways to raid through a door - lockpicking or C4.

Anyway’s just my thoughts that would bring an element of fun to the whole door access system.


I think level 1-3 door locks should be able to be picked with different level picklocks, such as a level 1/2 picklocks break after 1 use. Then for example level 4 door locks could require a pin code, raiders would then have to have some sort of code breaker they attach to the door. However the codebreaker stays on the door in order for them to use it, therefore they would require more than one codebreaker to go through several doors. For level 5 door locks they just have to use c4.

Source: The devblog when keys were introduced

Also, are you aware lockpicks are in Rust legacy (but work on player backpacks, which are now not instant-loot, not doors, which are keycode in legacy)? And most community servers disabled them?