Lock code change only for cupboard owners please

There should be 1 owner of a house and he can give admin rights to other members. But how it is now where everyone can change lock codes is extremely risky.
You never know who you can trust. There were cases where someone joins your clan, and then a few days later all lock codes are changed and you cannot enter your base anymore. If everyone can change lock code and build, then any person who knows ur code can fuck up your house…

I think the best way to solve this would be, only the people who have cupboard rights in this area can change lock codes. So if I have a big clan, I would only give a few trustworthy people access to my cupboard, and only they can change the lock codes if needed.

If there is no cupboard at all in the area, of course everyone should be able to change lock code.

Welcome to Rust, where you don’t get absolute safety. Don’t let anyone in if you don’t trust them. If you lose control of your house it’s not your house anymore.

The tool cupboard is being phased out, fyi, making it more important is the opposite of the devs’ intent.

pfff…trust issues in Rust…LOL :smiley:
Maybe your the problem and not trustworthy enough, so someone changed your locks ;p

Plus, if someone has all of your codes then they would have building access…

Not sure if it should be done by the cupboard or not, but I kinda agree that there should be some way to block changing codes. This would be useful both for clans that have tiers of members, and also if you got a slavebase that you want to let people that you dont trust into.

Maybe a system like there is on mobile phones, one pincode, then another longer code for changing/unlocking the code (PUK)

You could use different codes for every room if you want. And how many codes are there between 0000 and 9999? A lot, so this isn’t necessary. Be creative :wink:

You are forgetting that anyone with the code can change your outer door code to grief your base. Does not help to use different codes unless you also have different entrances all together.

So you’re having only one entrance of your base? Every base I make, has got at least 4 entrances and more ways to go out, than enter :stuck_out_tongue:

why not have tiered access with different codes? level 1 knows the code for the external doors and the main room. level 2 knows the code for the minor stash, and maybe a private room. level 3 know all the codes including the main stash and commanders room.

the game already has all the elements you need for this, you just need to use them.

What happens when the level 1 changes all codes he knows, then quit the game ?

One round of C4’ing every door down one by one and replacing it, and you take that as a lesson on trust. Fool you once, shame on that guy. Let’s hope the next one isn’t for a while.

you’re nagging :stuck_out_tongue:

Why don’t you learn to build an emergency entrance? So you can leave the base anytime. And if your base is big enough to hold a clan. You should have enough c4 or tools to break out, if necessary. You’re probably at the weaker side of the walls :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you could circumvent using a codelock too, why were it implemented when we just could have hidden keys in stashes. If you lost it, or it got lost, you could just hack down the door, right?

Ultematly, this would be a convenience feature, and I still havent seen a good reason for this not be implemented at some point