Lock 'n Load (Fretta)

Few gamemodes offer you a variety of options, but also simple and easy to pick up gameplay. Lock 'n Load does just that. And it’s in a recent Garry’s Mod Beta SVN revision, so give it a go!

Lock 'n Load is a Fretta gamemode where you get a more fine degree of control over what weapons you want to bring to combat. The plan is to allow its gameplay to adjust depending on map (e.g. an lnl_arena map has TF2 Arena style play, an lnl_ctf map has quick-respawn flagcapturing play, etc.) But the unique selling point is how you can equip yourself.

Gameplay video:

Health, Weapons and HUD:


Unaimed mode and aimed mode (in aimed mode, your view zooms slightly and the health/ammo HUD smoothly rotates to make room for the weapon model moving inwards; most weapons are more accurate in aimed mode, but you cannot sprint and aim at the same time):


An Arena mode game against one bot:


Weapons gallery (one of each except two shots of Laser Rifle, one uncharged shot and one charged shot):


There are currently six weapons:
[/li]+ High firerate, medium accuracy

  • Low damage per shot
    [/li]+ Draws quickly, boosts movespeed
  • Low firerate and capacity
    [/li]+ High damage up close
  • Low accuracy and firerate
    [li]Laser Rifle
    [/li]+ Powerful and accurate when charged
  • Slow to charge, low capacity
    [/li]+ Fires projectiles with explosive radius
  • Slow firerate, low capacity
    [/li]+ Very high damage
  • Slow firerate, arcing projectiles
    All of which have:
    [li]three optional fire type modifications (“Accurised”, “Enraged”, “Rapid”)
    [/li][li](except the crossbow) two optional load type modifications (“Rapid-reloading”, “High-capacity”)
    [/li][li](SMG, Shotgun and Laser Rifle only) one optional attachment (“Nade Launcher”)
    Fire rate upgrades are very visible to opponents - your shots are coloured based on fire type (White = Balanced, Blue = Accurised, Red = Enraged, Blue = Rapid). Additionally, I will soon add that when you are killed, you see a summary of your opponent’s weapon loadout.

The depth of strategy comes in that all modifications have drawbacks as well as advantages. For example, the Rapid fire type means your weapon fires more quickly, but each shot does a little less damage. The 'Nade Launcher attachment allows you to fire a grenade every 10 seconds, but your movespeed is significantly decreased when holding a weapon with the attachment. Sometimes, you won’t want to entirely or even partially modify a weapon - no modifications means no drawbacks.

Progress status?
The core workings of the weapons and weapon modifications system are done. However, there’s little gameplay to speak of (right now there’s nothing but a rudimentary last-team-standing game based on Fretta default options). Nonetheless, it’s pretty fun already, playing with the different loadout combinations.

What do you need?
Help. Mostly mapping help. If you can map, that’s the best help you can give me (and you will be properly credited). Current planned sub-modes include Arena (rounds; last team standing for half a minute, then also winnable by capturing a hill/point), CTF (rounds; traditional flag-capture gameplay, first to 3 wins) and Team Deathmatch (in which ideally players spawn near where their teammates are and their enemies aren’t - so this will need lots of spawnpoints dotted around maps).

Looks cool so far.

Congrats, seems fun !

Needs a crossbow, but it looks great so far.

I love fretta game’s because they always look so nice and so random. This looks nice and enjoyable, good job. Can’t wait to play it.

I love how simple the customization and GUIs are. Many games have huge amounts of really complex customization, which really ruins it because then you have no time to play. I can’t wait to give this a shot, it looks very nicely done.

I haven’t mapped in a year or two now, but I may try to throw together a map, can you tell me what entities I’ll need?

I can help with some mapping! Just tell me the required entities!

This is pretty sweet. Are you going to be hosting it on a server?

A HL1 crossbow please.

@ mapping people:

Thanks. The Arena sub-mode (only one I’ve coded so far) uses info_player_rebel for Red Team spawns, info_player_combine for Blue Team spawns, and a brush entity lnl_capturezone for the area capturable after (default) half a minute of the round. You can optionally add two keyvalue pairs:[ul]
[li] unlockdelay (int) - time in seconds from start of round when zone becomes capturable[/li][li] capturetime (int) - time in seconds required to capture zone from entirely unaligned (a team is capturing if their team and only their team has at least one player in the zone)[/ul][/li]Please don’t add more than one lnl_capturezone (it will break the mode) and it would be preferable if the capture zone was cuboid, aligned (in an angle sense) with the grid in Hammer, and the bottom (in terms of z-axis) face of the cube was a single unit above some ground. If you can’t meet these preferable things because your map is just that awesome I can be flexible, it just makes it much easier to draw an indicator of the zone on the player’s screen.

@ crossbow requesting people, and everyone else: the final weapon I had planned was actually an explosive cannon, which I have now made and added (I’m not entirely happy with it, especially visually, but I’m sure I can improve it with playtesting and time). Cue pictures!


My issue with the crossbow is that it is visually incorrect to have it fire more than one shot before reloading. This means its firerate is actually linked to reload speed, and its capacity cannot be used as an advantage or drawback of the load type upgrades. The only solution I can see is to link reload speed to the Rapid fire type and remove the load type options entirely/replace them with something else. Perhaps the crossbow could be able to instead select elemental enhancements, like flaming bolts or ice-slowing bolts, that reduce damage but have secondary effects? Suggestions are welcome.

I don’t have a server. And I’ll need one for proper multiplayer testing before I can submit this to someone to put on the SVN. (Frankly, I don’t know whether all the weapons will network correctly, especially the laser rifle with its three crosshairs and charge-up ability.) If anyone has a server they could give me FTP, RCON and free reign over for a few days that would be fantastic, although I realise that’s unlikely.

Or the speed of the bolt.

GUI Looks quite sexy.
Keep up the good work, Looking forward to its release.

Cluster bolts that split into three different bolts when they collide with something, superheated bolts that cause enemies to burst into flames, and ricochet bolts that bounce off surfaces.

Goddamn that’s nice wep selection, love your style :slight_smile:


Don’t abbreviate words like grenades ('nades), it loses it’s professionalism

That’s purely done because of space constraints (I don’t want to make the box any wider or the font illegibly small). Personally, I’m unsure about whether ‘professionalism’ is something I actually intend to achieve… if it means not abbreviating things even if they remain clear, I’m uninterested. I’ve made heavily complex and accurate gamemodes before with really long and annoying names for things and they weren’t made fun by them, so I’m forgoing complexity, psuedo-realism, etc. for the benefits of brevity, in both design and gameplay.

Also, Arena mode is fully functioning with a HUD indicator and colour-coded capturable area, and I’m making some progress with the crossbow (read: stealing elements of the GMDM crossbow… thanks, GMDM crew).

I think it’s fine, so long as there aren’t words like “lol, omg, wtf” anywhere.

Devenger, can we get an ingame screen shot.


Of the control point HUD

Does the HUD move? Because It’s in different positions in these two screen shots.

A moving HUD is not good in a DM because you get confused…
…I hope you made it so that the players can choose where to put the hud.