Lock the Threads Pulled From Archive

Making a thread to formalize the suggestion made from Ubre, as it’s honestly something I think we need

I’m all for bumping the Grigori DONG thread and keep the dream going in S&Box, but old FP had necro bumping problems when new users stumble upon the thread from google. The fate will probably be the same

I don’t really understand the issue


If people are bumping a thread that’s years old there’s a lot of information that may have changed since the start of that thread. Even if that’s what happens normally in a discussion, it would usually flow itself into it, not change SUDDENLY in 3+ years. Discourse has this “streaming” discussion model with threads and a huge gap may just mean it’s time for a new discussion.

For mega-threads / resource threads, we can’t really utilize the new features Discourse brings to us ( like wiki styled OP updating for example ), so they are also doomed to be outdated. It may be better to just remake them with updates, but then it may get confusing to see two open threads. Add that people are probably going to accidentally post in it without knowing, and they’ll be clashing at the recents list.

I think the only type of thread I see working are support / help threads, since adding information makes it a stronger thread when people come across it. Even then, sites that do these types of things would prefer having a new discussion made referencing the old discussion, since it keeps the suggestion pool healthy and allows for concise PROBLEM -> SOLUTION

I guess maybe this is just a scope issue for me. I think it’d be better to have more discussions going instead of potentially running back into the old holes.

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I guess it just feel like the old threads are being deconsecrated.
I think the reason that makes more sense is that 99% of old posts are just zombie accounts interacting with each other, so bumping them will literally do nothing other than fill the front page with useless threads.
If it’s impossible to automate, I’m sure some people will offer to do it manually, me included.


It seems pretty clear that earlier posts are old, I don’t think misunderstandings of the validity of information is a concern.


I think just a warning would be cool, something that warns you the thread is more than a month old.

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Since we have tagging, giving those threads a “legacy” or “archive” tag would be easy enough to work

I respect the faith you have, and you’re probably right on the info intake. Once more threads start coming in the old ones will drown out. I really do think you should at least consider a solid identifier though, especially with tags already existing here.

Just check if last activity was before 2020 and drop a tag on em

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I think we can wait for it to be a problem before making it one