Lockable storage boxes

They should add storage boxes that can be locked, for only the owners entry.
This is mostly for PVE, when people raid and you have no choice but to watch them barge into your house.
Maybe for PVP if they make it that the lockable boxes could be destroyed and then looted.

I agree. Could also implement metal storage boxes that can take some more abuse

I think rust is aiming for realistic gameplay, so i would do it that you can craft new kind of box which is with lock,
and raiders could try to picklock it, which would take time and lockpics of course.
Or you could make metal boxes with numpads, more like strongbox/safe and you would set your pass.
Dunno, just my opinion.

I would think that they should make a craftable metal lock that could be placed on both doors and storage boxes. These locks could also come with keys that you could duplicate and give to other players as a way to act as a way for friends to access the same things.
…Or be a way for people to socially engineer a relationship with a guy to get his key, then use that key to raid with your actual friends.

This in my opinion would solve a lot of requests currently circulating such as “I want to access my mate’s house and boxes” and solve the whole public buildings issue where a base needs a door for every person. It would also add to the realism and theme of the game, because lets be honest…assuming a door only has hinges to the frame what the hell is keeping the damned thing from swinging open?

Just my iteration of the idea.

thats alot of probleme for nothing (having key) lets say i got to farm stuff from looting/killing bandit…PLUS having your 15 friends key…(i know u will say ‘‘just keep those u really need’’ but tactically…ill need them all when raided) ppl will start whinning bout more inventory slot instead…PLUS if u die ppl get your keys on your body and just loot ur box without even any difference in the end…they will enter, loot your storage box with the key like if it never existed (the key proceedure) in fact…you could come with a better idea like a ‘‘allowed list’’ on every box/door/lock and those without this ‘‘allowed pass’’ need to C4 the door or ‘‘lockpick’’ box’s…that would ‘‘secure’’ a bit when going to sleep/work/party etc…im out of idea for the rest of that problem…i let sum1 else develop bout this or sumthing else ^^

so long as the boxes could easily be destroyed, sure. but i thought this game wasn’t going to try and hold any hands when it came to the spirit of the game. let’s hope they keep up with that.

What about a Lockpicking system like in Mafia, Skyrim ? You have to do something to picklock it.
I mean like there will be a Metal Box (Safe) that will be unlocked after you craft it, then you can make a Lock that you will put on those safes, so actually you can craft more powerfull versions of Safe or Lock :slight_smile: Everything is on you. More lock styles, like in car, house, bla bla bla. Just my idea, how it could be if this perfect idea will be approved.

Thats an awesome idea! could make it so each difficulty has X amount of slots to make your own custom lock!

I would also like to see something like that with doors, but with the doors you could add other people/friends to be able to open your door.

It would be better if they could be locked with code
Example 43 or 12

Or somebody could hit the lock with a pickaxe and break it in a hit or two…

Thats the point of safe, hard to get inside :slight_smile:

SAFES! :slight_smile:

Sometime in the near future I’m going to introduce a lock item which will allow you to set a password (combination) you can share with other people. You’ll be able to place this on doors and boxes