Lockdown - Movie On Work

Lockdown - Me and some other are working on Garry’smod movie, yes movie.
We has setted all up for production.

What is this?: (sorry for my english - non of our team is english)
A Garry’smod movie about, the new age of Half-Life 2.
After City17 fell in ashes the goverment of Dr Breen started the project
DiTAC, a fast project to kill everything in their way thats not surely going to be so good for the citizens of course.
When Dr Breen failed with the project DiTAC mr Marshall and mrs Marshall been promoted to the new leader of the DiTAC project.
They tried with all idéas they had and never succed.
Until one day, an earthquake, a fake earthquake.
No other goverment would notice anything, just a huge newspaper title “Earthquak at City17”.
The day so called a new beginning - a new age started with a huge earthquake from the citadel, people ran out of the streets and didnt knew anything.
Everyhouse, every building, everyone falled. The survivors lived in the forrest and waited for their call to retake city17.
Sence a new city arrived City19, the newest version of the age so called a beta for all citizen, that also followed the DiTAC project. No one knew what would happend, there’s still hope for salvation.

Say good bye to Dr Freeman, Gman, Alyx, Kleiner and all those old characters. Our hero and our friends have been changed because of the new age. (full story not released).

We are using these software/tools:

Cinema 4D
I-Mite 33.4.66
Fraps latest version (workers gets free).
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
MAGIX Music Maker
Sony Vegas PRO 9

We have some guys on the team:

Joakim Hansson - Producer, camera, 3D, concept, design
Erik Saager - Co Producer, 3D, script
Moa Erikson - Camera - Editor
Zägér Dinnton - 3D. modeler, animation

Screenshots, trailer/teaser, videos will arrive.
Maybe this sounds weird, look weird, but we have made miracels!

We also reqruiting! Add “raond” on STEAM for more help.
You’ll need:

CS.S, HL2, HL2ep1, HL2ep2, DOD.S, Gmod, Portal.

Machinima or something else? Please post!

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You’ve got a pretty OK thread, although i’d recommend you add some content (stuff you’ve done before) so people know you’re for real

I… uh… :psyduck:

I love how Max got banned again.

It’s fine. I mean I think i’ve been banned about 17 times :buddy:

We are right now creating a blog so we can post all our new contents.
Pictures, videos, and our work with the 3D project.

Any need for voice actor’s because I don’t have DOD:S.

Wow, I can’t wait to see some of your work and trailers and what not.