LOCKDOWN Trailer 720p

A trailer for the upcoming movie I’ve been working on.
And I would like to know what you think of it.:fsmug:

The movie is being filmed with the Half-Life 2 campaign but in the life as a rebel, he’s starting a revolution against the new leader of City 17.

I got plenty of footage that I haven’t uploaded yet on the Internet.
And what I can say is that this movie is very brutal and violent but it’s just a movie so.

Also it’s a one-man-show but I have taken help from several players once.
And I need to train myself on HAT 4, my animation is still like crap as you could see on the last scenes with the cars for example.

Thank you.

Looks good lets see how it gets.

Looks great so far as a one-man-show. I’m also a one-man-show as well so it’s exciting to see this.

BTW, what slow-mo effect do you use in 0:20?

I don’t use any video editing software to make the slowmotion I only use “Matrix slow motion” form garrysmod.org

I use slow-motion effect with Sharpeye tool, I turn slow-motion on and “relax mode” on the SHarpeye menu, and I get a great smooth camera movement.