locked backbacks?

yea this idea is stupid. ALL i can say is these lockpicks better not be too hard to make. Sounds alot to me like they are trying to FORCE us to farm ourselfs instead of farming people. Everything thye say they are doing is to make the game more realistic well i dont see the realism here. I guess backpacks yes could be lockable but then i should be able to pick it up and take it home with me then.

Why in the flying fuck would they implement this?

that’s retarded imo

Where did they ever say they were trying to make the game more “realistic”? They’d have to rewrite a lot of code to get to realism.

Bags unlock after 5-10mins.

If anything its just going to be annoying and pointless. So you stand around for 5mins waiting for the bag to unlock so people run back in. Or you have to kill guys with sleeping bags several times.

i got a poll there