Locked backpacks - loot all function

As announced on Trello, backpacks will soon be locked unless you have a lockpick or wait for quite some time. I think to balance this out, you should bring back the “loot all” button. Sense of having to pick everything piece by piece, was to cost you time and make it difficult. This is know already given by the fact that backpacks are locked. If you invest lockpicks, you should not have to fiddle around even more, and get out everything piece by piece evenmore as I would guess using the lockpick itself also costs some time.

I’d rather see the ability to pick up and move backpacks, have it take up both hands so you cannot do anything else, but let people run around with the backpack so they can take it somewhere safe to loot kinda thing (and obviously you can only pick up one at a time).

Hmm. One problem I see with this, the instances where your outnumbered or are fighting from range and your able to pull off the kill(s) and then a naked flash comes running by and nabs your spoils. Idk how i’d feel about that