Locked backpacks = terrible feature.

Please devs I beg of you to rethink this feature, it adds for no complexity in gameplay at all and is a COMPLETE change in direction.

Right now Rust feels like it is maturing into a gritty ,post-apocalyptic, cooperative, survival game. Such a game with incrediby intense PvP combat involved where the wrong move can result in you losing hard earned supplies!

The formerly referred element of gameplay creates deep and interesting encounters in which you will ask your self a many number of questions, such as is this guy worth my bullets? Will his friends be around the corner? Can I make the shot? What was that noise?

Many of these intense thoughts come from the fact that any moment you can lose your gear, how can locked backpacks do anything but take a way from these effects? Now you triumph over your opponent only to have him respawn nearby and do a naked beeline to reclaim his gear? Or worse he arms up/calls in backup and you either get nothing from the encounter, or you die in the process as well.

Lockpacks do NOTHING for gameplay other than give players who are outplayed or who’m have the lesser situational awareness to have a padding for their mistakes. Aside from all of that it’s completely senseless, what the hell backpack am I not able to get into as a human being with a brain.

Locked backpacks and lockpicks for them are silly.

Partially agree

In what way POSSIBLY could locked backpacks ever add to gameplay? They are going to add nothing but cheese factor and likely not negate any of the grief. What the hell is the point of PvP with this feature? It’s game breaking.

You are nagative on something you didnt even experienced…

Lets us just wait for the next update and see what locked backpacks is all about.

it’s not like you can’t get into them.
the Trello page clearly says you can use a “lockpick item” to get into them.
so, be prepared.

I’m easily able to picture how silly this will be, many of my PvP experiences have ended with my self or my opponent escaping by the skin of our teeth, this will change everything for the negative.

There is no logic to this feature.

Edit: and being that there are lockpicks what exactly does any of this do? Ensure that the nude, rock wielding caveman can’t outplay the big bad Kevlar warlords? Silly in it’s entirety. I’ve yet to see ANY logical reasoning for such a thing.

This is a worst-case scenario of QQ’ing bringing a change in a game. Doing this is as good as taking counterstrike and changing kills to knockouts so players that get caught will get back up in 5-10 minutes if the kill isn’t confirmed, to try to give the player a chance to react right? Silly.


You can picture it? No you can’t, how do you know if the devs has told us everything about locked backpacks. Maybe there are diffrent aspects of locked backpacks.

Besides there could be an intressting thing about this, what if lockpicks are really hard to make? or it takes a a bit to use lockpick on a bag. Do you think that kevlar guys will use that lockpick for your nude backpack? Dont thinks so. or do you think they risk themselfs to look in your backpack use a lockpick and standing still in an open area were there were just shots, just to get a rock and a torch?

Conclusion… No
Wait just to experience it, then we can discuss this topic

EXACTLY. Might as well get rid of sleepers because players who play more gain an advantage right? Fuck no!

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That’s the issue, PvP will be absolutely useless. If this feature sticks around for whatever it’s worth I won’t be playing. Absolute crap hand hold, coddling feature.

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That exactly what I’m thinking
When you die you deserve it you loose your stuff
The locked backpacks only gives you the chance to get revenge and I think this is stupid
On the other hand when you are raiding and you kill a rich guy you have to camp his backpack and you have to kill him maybe several times except you have lockpick but they are quite expensive

I play on dev server so I already experienced it
It is really annoying

totally agree,
in my mind the game should be harder for all of us. What is the logic if you can respawn? If you are Dead you are Dead, no respawn.
If you got killed you should loose everything, your equipment, you knowledge and your house(s). So the doors that are owned by you, should be “owned by system”. No need for code reset, but it should not be changeable after you died. So if there was no code, the door stays closed for everyone.

Next thing, a gun should be able to explode at using, with a 10% chance to DIE.
Animals should do 10 times more damage and should move faster.
Materials for House Construction should be harder to get and house parts should be more expansive like 20 times more costs than now.
Movement needs to be changed, running should cost some kind of energy and if you broke a leg, it should be more realistic - 30% chance to die because of infection and at least 6 Weeks ingametime to regain running speed, depending on you medical equipment and you house - laying in the bed with good medical equipment will maybe cure your leg in 2-3 weeks, without medical equipment maybe 4-6 weeks and without a bed it will never be cured.
If you run around naked there should be a chance to get sick with big penaltys for movement speed, gather ressources and aiming.
Building a house should be more realistic, you need to build every part of it directly at the place where you want to use it.

I agree 100% with the OP.
Adding this time until the backpack unlocks removes a key dynamic to the game, pvpwise.

Have epic gunfight vs some random guys, win the fight, wait around for backpacks to open, they come back due to being close to their house (worst case scenario). We die, our house is to far away. GG no re. (worst case scenario)
Having your mates loot your dead chest to, lets say, grab some ammo or a better weapon I had.
Killing some random guy as he is mining the rock you had your eye on (I know douchestyle) but still.

also… 100%.

rethink plz.

What about raids? Even if you split the c4 to be safe, if a guy on your team dies, you have to lock-pick his bag to get the c4 you need to continue…or wait 5-10 minutes.

This just makes raiding when no one is there to defend even more appealing, which sucks donkey balls.

That’s the one thing that makes me see this as a possitive change, it will be “easier” (a little more forgiving) being new-spawned, as you will (most of the time) not lose your items, but there’s still a good chance you do.

On the other hand, this will make fights between geared/well geared players strange, as the person you just killed won’t loose anything and will most likely get 1-3 chances coming back with identical gear trying to take his bag back. Also the kill and move on will be eliminated, unless you feel it’s worth to even unlock it.
(Not to even mention the Kevlar getting killed by a hachet/bow or hidden gun.)

I got mixed feelings about this. “Mid-and Endgame” will get the worse (or even very bad) of it, but early will be a great change.

No fan of this at all.
One of the very few advantages of a naked man is to sprint through a firefight
and thief an expensive item quickly from a dropped backpack and keep sprinting.
This mechanic will disappear so as a new spawn you’ll always be faced with a tedious prospect of starting up by hitting piles with a rock with not many alternative ways to get started.
This limits gameplay and against game’s philosophy of having unlimited possibilities.

we dont know how it will turn out. its an alpha. lets test it, if it sucks, it will become removed.
so be patient and dont start new flame threads every new innovation.

Whilst I agree with you about making the game harder by making animals more powerful etc, the loss of house after you die is a horrible idea and clearly you are living in a bubble. Look at it from a development point of view. Can you imagine the server lag with 100,000 shacks dotted around the map representing every death? So yeah, that will never happen.

I am looking forward to this locked backpack feature, it hasn’t taken anything away, it has made it harder. It has protected new spawns from the kevlar guys as they won’t want to wait around for 5 minutes or use a lock pick to get a rock and some wood. If I get killed by someone, I sure as shit will be running back there, geared up and probably with backup, so now all you KoS players might have to think twice. If I was in full kevlar and running around with C4 then just use a lock pick as you know it will be worth it.

They may remove this feature later, or dumb it down a bit. I understand why people don’t like the sound of it though, but we should at least play it first before we go making our final decisions on it.

I think it is going to be ridiculous. There is no reason for this, a few guys whined and they make a knee jerk descision.

I agree whole-heartedly Mr Saint

they should also replace the animals with bots with perfect aim and voice recordings of 12 year olds