Locked backpacks!?

Come on Rust developers, look at all the well thought out rational posts by your community that thinks this is a horrendous idea.
I won’t bother mentioning the pros and cons of the proposed changes because they are all over the forums, but:

ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU PROMISE TO RECONSIDER/ALTER/MODIFY/REMOVE the locked backpack system when it goes into effect. No one has seen it in practice yet, so I am trying to stay positive but i fear the worst. If its a disaster please don’t be stubborn. Be open to changing it. The current system aint broke by the way…

There are so many players that are extremely concerned about this change. This single change could literally ruin the game. Rust is one of the few difficult games that can please hardcore gamers and casualish gamers at the same time. This change might be too big of a step in the wrong direction.

If you spend development trying to please everyone you end up pleasing no one. The only thing keeping me coming to this game is the risk/reward of it.

Don’t kill the golden goose. please…!

I 100% agree, HATE the locked backpack idea, takes away the point of dying.

If this happens (sounds like it will) It will play out like this.

You get killed
respawn at base, equip yourself again
return to death point
gun battle with the person that killed you and is now camping your backpack


EDIT: the only way I’d accept this, is if it is only locked for non player damage. I.E fall of a cliff bag is locked. Killed by player bag is open.