Locked backpacks......

This is a feature that we can turn off on our servers? I find this feature a joke and too carebear for a survival game. So you are telling me it makes sense to die and your backpack cannot be looted for 5-10 minutes unless you use a lockpick? That is straight out stupid and illogical for an open world survival game. Next thing we will see is safezones for your house, or log out on your bed and you are unable to be killed, or something idiotic like that. Sad day when an open world / survival game starts adding carebear elements :frowning:

This is my rant and I feel the “majorty” of people playing this have no clue what open world or survival means…

Carry lockpicks… jesus.

The point is if you want to waste a lockpick (or more, w/e) on a naked body… It kinda helps on new spawn KOS.

(Yes I do kill on sight)

Please search the forums… we don’t need another locked backpacks thread.

I dont really see the point of lockables, but if its going to be in there, it should take like 30 seconds to unlock leaving you vunerable to a rock to the back of the head.

I do not see how this will keep people from KOS new spawns. I see people kill new spawns and keep walking, never even glance at the backpack. It is a very unnecessary and not very thought out feature that has no practical use.

It is a silly idea, unless you can pick it up and walk off with it and when they introduce weight slowdown you really take a hit if you carry it off and it then never unlocks till you pick it…

It won’t put me off looting nude guys at all. How often do you find a nude guy with just a bandage, a torch and a rock? Almost never. They usually have a good amount of ore on them, some wood and some stuff they’ve looted from loot spawns/zombies. I even found a couple of C4 and hundreds of ammo on one once. Absolutely pointless idea. Surprised it’s made it this far. And what’s the point adding locked backpacks purely to protect the backpack of a guy who has nothing? Makes no sense. Being killed and losing what you have on you in Rust is never more than just an irritating inconvenience, whatever level you’re at. It doesn’t need addressing.

not a troll post, but i wonder why it has so much support on Trello?

it has the 2nd highest number of votes. on the forums, i see almost no support for this, but on trello, its popular.

I don’t know but I hope they don’t listen too much to them or we’ll end up with a rubbish game like Guild Wars where we can’t even attack each other and just go on mundane quests all the time.

I think they need a add a down vote option on that site, if there is i did not see one. Just seeing how many thumbs up is no indication on what the community wants. That might have 500+ thumbs up but if it have 1000 thumbs down they might not have implemented it.

Another aspect is the people enjoying the game are in-game having fun. It is the people that cry about their pixels being taken that come on and vote on crap like that.

That was not my point. My point is that sometimes you might not even bother to open the backpack because you either don’t want to waste a lockpick or don’t want to wait.
In the end the new spawn could go back to his bag and recover all of his loot.

This modification will just change the way people loot bodies, nothing else.

Go back through the last 2 months and look for threads complaining about KOSers.

There’s your forum support.

My point is, if you read it properly, it won’t change a thing. I will still loot every backpack with one my hundreds of lockpicks I’ll be carrying around with me.

Bad losers. Always gonna be some. They should just go play on a noob friendly server if they’re struggling. There are plenty of them. Good places to learn. No point catering the whole game to suit them.

the funny thing is, its hard to give a crap about the stuff you have on your person at any time. i’d think its somewhat nicer to be able to lock your stashes at your base (and more realistic, too…for whatever that’s worth).

a “locked” backpack is kinda silly.

Yes it does, you have to spend resources to open a bag that might not be worth the resources.
That’s what changes… Simple math.
In the end I won’t know (nor you) what the results will be… Less KOS? Less looting? Sameshit? who knows…

To me this is a very silly solution, this will not stop KOS. Not even a bit. Reminds me of the Dayz update that KOS will make everything ruined on the person, the only way to take their stuff is by hostage, all you need to do is log out… I left that game because of that patch. I do not want to shutdown my server and leave another game due to unnecessary features like these.

KOS is apart of the game. Nothing can be done about it. Best way we are working on deterring it is making arenas 1v1 to 5v5 sized arenas for people to murderer to their hearts content. But you will ALWAYS have the scrub with shit aim and no skill killing fresh spawns and nakeds as that’s the ONLY way they can get a kill. I think it should be up to the players on the server to combat these issues.

If you want a full pvp with techno gun and kev armor go play CoD or BF4. Lock on backpack will force you to 1. carry lockpick or/and 2. camp the backback until end of time. It will also help people defending house since raider will have to wait longer in the house to take your loot.

Who is talking about Techno guns? I like the bow personally and kill a lot of people with it. The topic is the locked backpacks was to “deter” KOS, but it does not, it was a feature that the programmers wasted time on instead of making needed features.

Its is need for the reasons i said right after, and btw its not a so big waste of time since its nots that hard to program

This. I really wish 80% of this community would go back to PVP games like Call of Duty instead of infesting survival games. Too many people treat this game like a pure deathmatch PVP game. And then they make fun of people who complain about all of the KOS, base griefing, and everything else that makes this game drive away people. But when something is added in that makes PVP a little more difficult, they start crying.