Locked graphic settings?

Hello again,

I have a problem - I can’t set Shadows in GMOD graphic settings to “High” value - i can choose only Low and Medium, High is not on the list. In other Source games I can set it to “High” without any problems.

I tried to reinstall, clean cache, delete/edit Registry entries, without success.

PC specs: Windows XP SP3, Steam, Intel E2180, GF7900 with Omega drivers.

It is essential for me to have best possible quality for video rendering, so I’d be very glad if there’s an solution.

Thank you in advance.

You aren’t going to go anywhere rendering-wise with that card, sorry to break it to you.

Is that a geforce 7900 GT?
I had a 7300LE and could run high (although it told me to use medium).
I’m going to guess that it isn’t a full dedicated card, but an intergrated?

Why not? I’m using source-recorder, so rendering is not realtime and I get very good results, except shadows. Smooth 25 fps Full HD video.


Is the quality bad? It takes few seconds to render one frame, it takes 8 GB for one minute of film (raw tga files), and that’s all right. It’s like in film industry. Rendering VFX sequences takes weeks and nobody is angry with that.

whosdr - it’s PCI Express 7900 GTO, overclocked.

On Half Life 2 EP:2 it ran smoothly with all settings to high/very high. 4x AA and 8x AF.

That is strange. Perhaps the cpu is restricting it.

Yeah. And the funny part is, that I can normally set shadows to High on my notebook with 7300 Go.

Forgot about that. Sorry.

What is your CPU specs?

Open up the nVidia control panel and set all graphics options on there to “Let the software decide”

Man it worked, actually I had to reset RivaTuner settings, but that’s almost the same thing, THX a lot! :smiley: