Locked Item Slots for containers

This is an organizational quality of life suggestion. I am certain there are many like me who like to keep their base organized and spend way too long organizing for groups sometimes. so the suggestion works like this.

Say you have a large box filled with all your components you lock the item slots. If you withdraw all the items from that slot it is replaced by a transparent icon of the component or item that was previously there. Attempting to deposit items into a spot that is item locked will not allow you to do so unless you unlock the item locked box. this can apply to guns, meds, kits, components and be widely useful for base organizing. Where this suggestion came from is runescape has a bank system and they can allow you to itemlock slots in the bank in a similar fashion for organizing.

Next more minor suggestion is that bar that say Large Storage Box with you open the large storage box, allow us to rename those with text right next to that bar.

Thanks for the hard work.