Locked & Limited Video Settings

My video settings are locked down… have a look:


I can’t go above Medium on Shadow Detail, and Color Correction/Motion Blur is disabled by default. I’ve tried both the Dev branch and the master branch.

I’m guessing this occurred because of my newest Win8 installation, but it did work fine before the re-install.
I’ve checked my graphics drivers, installed the latest DirectX patches, etc…

Don’t get what’s causing this.

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Let me state the fact I have two GTX 680’s… My Hardware DirectX level can no way be 8.0

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CS:S detects it fine.

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Okay, I managed to fix it. I threw -dxlevel 90 in the command line option, started it up and it was still on 8… weird.
I removed the command line option argument, and restarted.
Finally back to 9.0

I would say this is a problem for Garry’s Mod though, a lot of unknowing new players could be screwed over by this bug. I wouldn’t say it’s Solved yet.

Do -dxlevel 95 instead of 90.

It’s the most updated one.