Locking Time Permanently?

I was wondering if maybe there was a way to permanently lock the time on my server to 12:00, instead of using the standard env.time 12 command. I’ve had some guests who complain of ‘night lag’ and I personally prefer daytime, so if anyone can show me how to set the time to 12 permanently, that’d be great! =D Thanks!!

Can’t you use the server config to set it to 0 for night and 60 for day?

I think default is;

Day: 45
Night: 15

I believe you have to set the env.timescale to 0 - ref http://playrustwiki.com/wiki/Server_Commands try the command in game , if it appears to work just add it to your config. I believe stopping time can mess with your airdrop schedule, so look into that.

I’d lock it to night, myself haha. Eternal darkness.

Won’t lie, was thinking of doing that with my own server. It’s “hardcore” - nighttime is pretty much rust, but harder, considering nearly all use gamma.

EDIT: However, those who don’t use boosted gamma values, would only greeted by darkness, and, subsequently, ragequit.