Locking & Unlocking Doors

does anyone have any stools that can unlock or lock doors? because i play alot on RP servers and they sometimes had a Stool which can let you unlock n lock doors you own? ive looked round Gmod.org and havent found anything? can anyone reccomend one?

KEYS, perhaps? Ain’t a STool, but a SWep.

And why does all of your sentances end with a questionmark?
It is a little weird in my opinion?

hahah or be cheap rp_unlock and rp_lock

His problem is he wants it on every server. Now that won’t work clientside. Ask the server owner if he is willing to add a “Key Swep”

Havent ever seen an rp server without keys…

Im guessing that op wants it so that he can use it for local play. Anyway, try searching garrysmod.org for key or keys.