Can someone create a lockpick (Based on the DarkRP code) only without the DarkRP hooks.


Don’t listen to neth, I’ll do it for 15$

20$, final offer.

Instead of just mocking OP, why can’t we suggest how it would be done instead? :v:
I’m not saying OP is being right asking people for scripts, but it gets frustrating to find all these unsolved useless threads when googling for answers, so let’s help those future googlers out!
(no need to provide a finished script, but theories of how to make it should suffice)

since I’m still fairly new to lua, I can only guess, but here’s what I would try:

  1. Trace if a door is in front of the player when he presses Mouse1
  2. start a timer with a name, with a function to unlock the traced entity after X seconds
  3. if the player moves or releases Mouse1, cancel the timer

another way, instead of using a timer, could be to increase a variable from 0 towards 100, and when it reaches 100 unlock the door.
That way the same variable could be used to show the player a progress bar while lockpicking.

Alternatively take the DarkRP code and remove the hooks

that’s literally what he wants

true, but some people want to learn how to actually make something.

well… you could learn from the darkRP lockpick code… but there are always more ways than 1 to code something, so it never hurts to try on your own before resorting to code copying.