Lockpicking. Maybe Keypad hacking?

How would this work out?. I feel like it would be extremely overpowered. I mean extremely. Unless they did it in a certain way. Maybe actually having to Listen for a click, instead of like skyrim. But it’s a extremely quiet click. And for keypad hacking they would have a mini game, kind of like the GTA 5 heists. But it should be pretty damn hard. What are your ideas?
Maybe they could make it to only chests or something.

Keypads are a mini game, try some of the 10,000 codes, and try to get in, if you fail 100 times you die. Game over!

Kind of like Wheatley from Portal 2 lol

Game already has lockpicks. They work on both key locks and key pads. It’s called C4.

There actually IS/WAS a lockpick in the Legacy version of Rust. I have no idea if it ever worked on locked doors as it was made for picking locked loot bags that players dropped on death and every single server at the time had it that they could be crafted but they didn’t do anything.

EDIT: What I was going for is that there WAS a lockpick item, so there is a chance that along the line it could be re-implemented into the game.

The problem with lockpicking, and why I don’t think it belongs in Rust, is the prevalence of offline raiding. Even on servers that regularly have 100+ players, there’s going to be downtime where a clan can send out a dozen members and pick every lock on the server in a few hours realtime. And on less-populated servers, the problem is even worse. A solo player would have free reign of the server all night long, defeating every lock he encounters.

No, until we get better building defenses, lockpicking is a bad idea.

FYI, the lockpicks in Legacy did have a use. Loot bags dropped from dead players could bet set to have a timer before they could be freely looted (this setting was off by default so pretty much no server used it) and if you had a lockpick you could bypass that lockout time.

Mostly a PVP quirk that would reward players who had lockpicks by allowing them to loot faster.

I worded the last part incorrectly. I meant to say that they could be crafted, but the servers I had played on were configured so that lockpicks did not function.

More like they had no uses since bags were unlocked already when they dropped :slight_smile:

I think the problem with lockpicking is you’re essentially asking for cheaper C4. The stuff is expensive (in both time and materials) for a reason. If a small amount of time were all it took to get into a base, no base would be safe.

Plus, if you thought ladder ledges were bad, just think how stupid a dozen airlocks would look on a house.