Are you planning to introduce one use lockpicks (analog and digital) in to the game? There are houses which has door after door. If someone somehow got it’s self 3 storyhouse with this kind of setup, it is just not worth the resources spent on the house. People are becoming more aware of this situation and highrise buildings with nothing in first and second floors other than lots of doors are increasing each day.


So you intend to pick lock a code lock that has no key hole?

analog and digital

Still wouldn’t work, nowhere to connect them, anyways this idea is a bit too OP.

Connect them to where? You can hack digital mechanisms if that is what you mean. I usually have excess low quality metal in game. Maybe these stuff can be produced with some hq and lq metal. Having highrise with lots of doors which cost 10 hq is a bit OP in my opinion. I have to spend 3-4k gun powder and 1-2k sulphur just to break one or a little less to break the doorway. It is a little taxing right now on raiders. Even i made my self a house which would be cheaper to just bomb the foundations and get the loot. We’re talking about realism so how realistic is that?

c4 and rockets are great lockpicks.