Locks all going to pot

Just been in the server I’m playing on and all the locks are messed up. They don’t give the unlock sign but if you hit the door it just opens lol. I’ve also lost control of all of my doors and I’ve even used my extra keys but the same problem! Has there been any changes that could cause this? The server owner has just restarted the server and applied a the backup from this morning but the issue is still there.

Anyone know whats going on?

Same on my server. Can’t get out of my base

It happens when the server reboots - it’s a bug and not server-specific.

There’s probably another method, but the way I do it:

1 - Get the key
2 - Attempt to unlock it the normal way
3 - Hit it with a melee weapon

Door opens. Repeat to close / lock again.

Thanks for your answer

The main problem I’m having is when I leave the server and come back all my doors are opened. I tried your method but once you have the door opened it won’t allow you to lock it again and the plate stays green. My main concern is the doors not locking as I’ve spent a fair bit of time building this house and by the looks of it people can just walk in lol. ^^

It will stay green, but it should re-lock itself. When you hover over the lock, it should correctly say Lock/Unlock even though the box is green.

Thanks, looks like that will need to do till a fix or something is sorted. Thanks IDYN

Yes, to re-iterate what iDyn says, the lock stays green, but does work after you hit it with a melee weapon.

For those locked in / out of their bases:

Approach your door and hit it once with your Rock. The lock will stay green regardless, but:

A) If you see the option to “Open Door”, then your door is Unlocked. Press ‘e’ to open the door, go through and close it again, Lock your door as usual, but then hit it with the Rock again for the Locking to take effect.

B) If you DON’T see the option to “Open Door”, then your door is Locked. If you have the key, look at the lock and you should see the “Unlock” option. Press ‘e’ to unlock the door, then hit it with the Rock again for the Unlocking to take effect. Then your door is now unlocked, and you should get the “Open Door” option. Follow instruction A) to re-lock.

Hope this helps someone!