Locks and keys

I have been playing new Rust and I really dont see the point of changing the old system to locks and keys. I dont remember anyone saying the old system was bad, with so much other things to work on why implement a new system at all? I could potentially lose everything if I bring my keys with me not to mention the amount of keys I have to make and bring for a complete base.

i totally agree, i dont like the new Key-“System” if u lose a key cause u get killed he can raid ur whole Base -.- and if u only got 1 key for a door and lose it its useless for u. I just died to a 1hit-kill-rock and lost a key… i hope he dont raid me now

I like the idea of the key system besides the fact that you would to make like 30 keys for a big base and things would get confusing as shit. I would probably forget which key would fit in which door.

too many keys / loose keys / confuse keys / door upgrade bug which hides the lock: … for these reasons this system doesent work!
Why dont they just keep the old system until they have the time to invent something working???

I liked it initially, but now I’m finding it annoying. Sure, I take a front door key and a storage box, hide the storage box and store the key while I’m out on a journey…but that’s just too fucking cumbersome after a while. I’ve read that there will be upgradable locks, so if that gets implemented, then I’m perfectly fine with the entire system.

Yeah, not a fan either.

Haven’t tried the key system, but on principal it seems better for people who don’t have mics. WAY too often in legacy people who apparently didn’t have mics would say their door code in chat, then seriously wonder HOW they got raided an hour later despite nothing being destroyed.

this new system sucks really hard… i really don’t know why they changed the door system, this key system is SOOO sucking, how i can leave my house without a key that i can back in my house? not at all!

So, What does this mean? This means that EVERYTIME you die in rust the person that loot your corpse can open ALL your doors of your completely base and if you don’t have a secound key you has lost your completely base because of you died 1 time…

is this really so willed from facepunch? really? thank you then, i can play other games

I think keys should stay and be somewhat of a low-tech/cheap way of locking doors. It would nice to have keys for out-buildings, locking somebody up, saferooms, etc. Mid-late game combination locks, keypads, etc. will probably happen.

Already confirmed by garry weeks ago.

I thought I had read that somewhere; thanks. Lot of stuff to keep up with lately, Rust and not Rust :stuck_out_tongue: