Locks can be fitted to storage boxes now.

love this so simple, same locks for doors, just fitted to boxes

Dev Build 1832


Damn, thats a great idea!

Awesome! im wondering how will someone break the coded lock box.

well realistically it would have health like the door, and drop all the items if it was broken.

maybe a chance for the items inside to be broken if opened this method?

Lockpicking mini game?

Not sure if mini games will fit in rust (but i thought that about robots till i saw the caretaker) personally i don’t like mini games like that they fit in some single player games, but i think in on-line multi-player games time is a bigger factor,

I would like to see a lock-pick as an item once crafted you can attempt to pick any key lock, it should take time maybe even a good 2-3 minutes per try, with only a 75% chance of success (Unless we are clones with in built knowledge we can’t be good at everything)

Lock-picking would be a tentative time not being able to look away for the lock until the time has passed,
“Shit was that a footstep could be a wolf outside” :suicide: the screen fades, no it was the owner coming back from a raid.

in an early devblog, garry stated that the objects inside a box will be dropped on the floor once the box is broken

Those storage boxes look ugly as hell tho’.

the storage boxes have a 2000 hit point health…imagine you stuck one in the wrong area, though maybe you can delete it using the Cupboard Authorization?

Yes i remember seeing something along them lines (can not find it tho)

Textures are off ATM looks like a base/default texture to me. looking at trello it will look good once the texture is added.

I tried to hack one open, hit it with a salvaged axe for a minute or two and gave up :slight_smile: , did not try to remove it with hammer (gonna try it tho)

it’d be good if you could move an object again after placing it. Eg if you placed something within the radius of a cupboard, then only you would have the authorization to move it again, without a cupboard it wouldn’t be able to be moved but only destroyed.

Maybe the ability to drag or push heavy objects like the tool cupboard, large storage chest and bodies, around, we could barricade doors with them, (maybe not the greatest of ideas to use the tool cupboard tho)

yeah that could work. maybe for a few bits of metal we could make smalls wheels to attach to our objects :slight_smile: easy to move any time then

I wish there was a way to get into them now. My base was raided and has somebody elses coded box in it. I got my base back but the box is still there. I’m sure it’s full of loot but I don’t really want to try 9999 combinations to open it…

I’d like the lockicping system to be like it is on Skyrim, exept you’re lockpick should’t break instantly on fail but get damaged. Could brake in 5 tries or so, and it should require a bit of metal. But hey, if you’re out of locpicks you can still always smash the box and make all the items split around and choose what you wanna loot from them. This should have a disadvatage though othetwise locpicks would be useless, if you decide to collect loot by smashing a crate instead of lockicping you should get damaged or even broken items in return.

You should not have the knowledge to craft the lockpick at fresh spawn, I think that the player should suffer before getting that blueprint. Also, about the % of success, I think that the player should find some book or some kind of knowledge fount in order to increase the lockpicking ability.

I quite like the idea of skills trees normally, but in rust it could cause unbalanced servers, with groups of veteran players with level 100 aim/crafting wiping out noobs, without levels a noob to a server could still take out a veteran once he has crafted a gun or bow,and i am pretty sure i remember Garry saying he did not want skills or a level system within rust, can’t find the quote tho,

I agree a pick-pick should be hard to craft/obtain. (but remember the key lock is only the first tier lock so should it be that hard to open?)