Loco Gamers

About us

Hello we have our small community known as loco gamers, it’s nothing big at the moment we have got a website (locogamers.com), and a dedi-box at the moment.


Some information on our servers, we have one 64 slot Half life 2 roleplay, legit copy of kuro. (

the sever map is running city 45, applications on the forums for CP and city scanner are open.

Sorry for the crappy quality I’ll try and edit this later on.

gonna apply for the Metro Police Force, looks cool.

This advertisement does not really spark my interest, add more info please.

Updated with a banner, I’ll add on to more information later on today.

I applied I hope you can check it out :slight_smile:

Mah name :v: I might go and check it out though sincerely.

Why two topics?

What you on about this is the only topic he made, why a dogs anus?



You have a lot of slots possible on your server.

RP servers can tend to be very resource heavy. Are you sure the CPU and HDD can handle all those slots?